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Health Resources:

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Royal College of Ophthalmologists Study Tour to China


KPro Survey – Interim results to 31.8.2001 PDF 97KB


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Past Meetings 2008

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Date: Wednesday 30 April 2008  
Venue: Grand Floridian A  
Time: 1:15pm – 2:45pm  
Steering Committee: Debbie Sweeney, Gûnther Grabner, Eduardo Alfonso, Jean-Marie Parel, Claes Dohlman, Michael Roper-Hall, Joaquin Barraquer, Emmanual Lacombe, Jean-Marc Legeais, Giancarlo Falcinelli, Bernd Duchesne, J-C Joyaux, Carlos Leon, Amira Mounir, Nag Rao, Yoshiko Takesue, Zbigniew Zagorski
Title of SIG: Keratoprostheses and Glaucoma  
Organiser: Debbie Sweeney  
Moderators: Claes Dohlman/Jean-Marie Parel  
Presentations: 1. Opening comments & KPros today – types of implants, indications and Problems with Glaucoma
5 mins Victor Perez
Open Discussion:
10 mins  
2. Panel Discussion: “How do we deal with the Complication of Glaucoma” 30 mins  
Discussants: Intraocular pressure measurements post KPro implantation Konrad Hille
  Incidence and Treatment Options Cynthia Grosskroutz
  Endoscopy & KPro Yale Fisher
  Drainage Implants Paul Palmberg
  Intraocular Pressure TransducersOpen Discussion:
  45 mins Claes Dohlman


Arvo poster – download pdf

KPro poster – download pdf