Past Meetings – 2008-2005

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European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER) Conference, Portoroz, Slovenia,

3-6 October 2007

Date: Saturday 6th October 2007  
Location: Room – Europa A  
Time:    11:15 – 12:45 hrs  
Special Interest Symposium (Keratoprosthesis I)
Moderator: Christopher Liu  
11:15-11:33  Strampelli’s Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis Barraquer J, Temprano J,   De La Paz MF
11:33-11:51 UK Experience and Evolving Strategies to Parera S, Okera S, Tandon R, Herold J, Hull C, Thorp S, Liu C
11:51-12:09 OOKP – The Singapore Experience Wong D, et al
12:09-12:27 Vitreoretinal Management in Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis Surgery Wong D

Date:   Saturday 6th October 2007  
Location:    Room – Europa A  
Time: 14:00-15:30 hrs  
Special Interest Symposium (Keratoprosthesis II)
Moderator: Christopher Liu  
14:00-14:15 Advances in the Type I Boston Keratoprosthesis Colby K, Dohlmann C
14:15-14:30 Boston KPro Collaborative Study Results Belin MW
14:30-14:45  An Update on the AlphaCor   Crawford G, Hicks C
14:45-15:00 Where are we with the Supra-Descemetic  KPro (Keralia)? Lamar PD, Alfonso E, Stoiber J, Fernandez V, Kaminski S, Lacombe E, Duchesne B, Acosta C, Parel JM
15:00-15:15  An Update on the Synthetic Collagenous Artificial Cornea Fagerholm P, Griffith M
15:15-15:30 Infection Control in KPro’s Nouri M
For further information and conference details please go to:

Corneal Bioengineering Special Interest Symposia at the European Association for Vision & Eye Research (EVER) Conference

Saturday 7th October 2006

Vilamoura, Portugal

For further conference and program details, please go to:

KPro Symposium: The 111th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society

Thursday April 19 to Sunday April 22, 2007

Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan

To be posted on this website in due course

Masahiko Fukuda and Christopher Liu

Presentations By:

  • Keralia by Prof. Jean-Marie Parel, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
  • ALPHACOR by Assoc. Prof. Geoffrey Crawford, Lions Eye Institute
  • ALPHACOR in Japan by Dr. Hiroshi Eguchi, Tokushima University
  • OOKP by Mr. Christopher Liu, Sussex Eye Hospital
  • OOKP in Japan by Dr. Masahiko Fukuda, Kinki University

Hotel Details:
Rhiga Royal Hotel Osaka
5-3-68, Nakanoshima,
Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0005, Japan

Tel:             +81-6-6448-1121       
Fax: +81-6-6448-4414

Registration Details:
On site registration only for oveasea attendees

Conference Organiser Contact Details:
Masahiko Fukuda, MD, Dsc.
Assistant Professor,
Department of Ophthalmology,
Kinki University School of Medicine,
377-2, Ohno-Higashi, Osaka-Sayama City,
Osaka 589-8511
Tel:             +81-723-66-0221       (Ext 3234)
Fax:              +81-723-68-2559

Please click here to download overview of the symposium

Update on Keratoprosthesis to be held at the International Society of Ocular Trauma (ISOT) Conference
Date of Conference: 29th June – 1st July 2006
Date of KPro Update: 30th June 2006
Location: Rome, Italy
Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th March 2006
Early Bird Registration Closes: 30th March 2006
Scientific Secretariat: C. Forlini – P. Rossini – S.Dolce – A.Aversano – F.Galli
  Viale V. Randi 43, 48100 Ravenna (Italy)
Fax: +39/0544 280049    
See attached link for full program details:

6th KPro Study Group Meeting, Miami, Florida,   USA

Saturday 6th May 2006

Retter Audiotorium, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami

Program Committee:    
Eduardo Alfonso, Jean-Marie Parel, Gunther Grabner, Claes Dohlman, Debbie Sweeney

Meeting Presdient:
Gunther Grabner

Biocompatibility and Keratoprosthesis

The main object of this meeting will be to review progress of the various keratoprothesis currently being used, look at the development of new devices and gain new knowledge in the area of biocompatibility of keratoprosthesis and how it may be enhanced/improved.  Particular emphasis will be placed on understanding corneal stromal interactions.

Retter Auditorium, University of Miami, Florida
Jean Marie Parel
Timings Name Institution Abstract Title
  07:30-08:25 Registration & Breakfast    
  08:25-08:30 Welcome & Introductions Gunther Grabner & Jean-Marie Parel  
1 08:30-08:40 Giancarlo Falcinelli OOKP Foundation, Rome, Italy Modified Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis: Long Term Results in Dry Eye
2 08:40-08:50 Maria Fideliz de la Paz (Victor Charoenrook) Barraquer Eye Institute Functional and Anatomical Results of Keratoprosthesis Using Tooth and Tibia Autograft: A Review of our Experience in Spain
3 08:50-09:00 Gerard Ainsworth Sussex Eye Hospital OOKP Surgery in Brighton – 10 Years On
4 09:00-09:10 Donald Tan Singapore National Eye Center Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis Surgery in Asian Eyes – The Singapore Experience
5 09:10-09:20 Paolo Colliardo (Giovanni Falcinelli) OOKP Foundation, Rome, Italy Treatment of Retinal Detachment in Modified Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis
6 09:20-09:30 Konrad Hille Augenklinik Klinikum Offenburg Update of Kpro Results in Homburg (Saar)
Group Discussion 09:30-10:15      
MORNING TEA 10:15-10:45      
Gunther Gabner
7 10:45-10:55 Bilal F Khan Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston Retention of the Boston Keratoprosthesis
8 10:55-11:05 Brian Zerbe
Albany Medical Centre Results from the Multi-Center Boston Keratoprosthesis Type 1 Study Group
9 11:05-11:15 Kalliopi Stasi Rochester Eye Institute & Center for Visual Sciences, University of Rochester Evaluation and Comparison of Wavefront Higher Order Aberrations in Dohlman/Boston Keratoprosthesis and Normal Eyes
10 11:15:11:25 Matilda Chan (Kali Stasi) University of Rochester Vitreoretinal Surgery Concurrent with Placement of the Dohlman/Boston Keratoprosthesis
11 11:25-11:35 Esen Akpek The Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore Keratoprostheses for pediatric cases
Group Discussion 11:35-12:20      
Eddie Alfonso
12 12:20-12:30 Gunther Grabner Ophthalmology & Optometry, Paracelsus Medical Uni, Alzburg, Austria The Visual Acuity by Time (VAT) – Index and a New Database for the Evaluation of Mid and Long Term Visual Acuity Following KPro Surgery
13 12:30-12:40 Claes Dohlman Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Attrition and retention – what data we should be collecting
Group Discussion 12:40-13:00      
LUNCH 13:00-14:00      
Claes Dohlman
14 14:00-14:10 Tim Hughes CSIRO Molecular Sciences & Vision CRC, Australia Synthetic Corneal Onlays and Inlays: Learnings Applicable to Keratoprostheses
15 14:10-14:20 Masahiko Fukuda Dept of Ophthalmology, Kinki University School of Medicine, Japan Long Term Survival and Histological Study of Our Original Keratoprosthesis
16 14:20-14:30 Carlos Leon Clinica Leon / Instituto de Cirugia Ocular The Hydroxyapatite Kpro
17 14:30-14:40 Celia Hicks (Gunther Grabner) Lions Eye Institute AlphaCor: Current Data and Overview of Biocompatibility
18 14:40-14:50 Hiroshi Eguchi Dept of Vis. Neu. Sci. Sch of Medicine, University of Tokushima Preliminary outcomes of AlphaCor implantations in Japan.Utility of optical coherence tomography in clinical follow-up of the AlphaCor
19 14:50-15:00 Alireza Ghaffariyeh Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute Evaluation of Cell Behaviour onto Collagen Grafted Poly (HEMA-co-MAA): In Vitro
20 15:00-15:10 Debbie Sweeney Vision CRC, Australia Corneal Inlays – Current Progress
Group Discussion 15:10-15:30      
AFTERNOON TEA 15:30-16:00      
Debbie Sweeney
21 16:00-16:10 Radhika Tandon (Vishal Jhanji) RP Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, India Setting up a Keratoprosthesis Service in a Tertiary Care Referral Hospital in India
Group Discussion & Close of Meeting 16:10-17:00      

Registration Fee:
US$50 to cover meeting expenses. Cash payable on the day.

Download Registration Form – 46KB (Microsoft Office Word file – doc)

Driving Instructions to Retter Auditorium: Download PDF

Suggested Hotels:
Intercontinental and Marriot Biscayne Bay (downtown Miami); Sonesta Beach and Ritz Carlton (Key Biscayne).  Please note that all speakers will need to make their own travel arrangements and hotel bookings.

World Ophthalmology Congress, 19-24 February 2006, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Location:  São Paulo, Brazil
Venue: Transamerica Hotel & Convention Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Session Organiser: Dr Christopher Liu
Session Chair: Dr Radhika Tandon, Dr Lucio Dantas, Dr Sidney Julio De Faria
Date of Session: 21st February 2006
Time of Session: 08:30-10:30 hrs
Keratoprosthesis Session        
08:30 hrs 14 Years Experience with Brazilian Biocolonizable Keratoprothesis  Lucio Dantas
08:40 hrs Setting up a Keratoprosthesis Service in a Tertiary Care Radhika Tandon
  Referral Hospital in India  
08:50 hrs The Pintucci KPro  Quresh Maskati
09:00 hrs AlphaCor Implantation  Geoff Crawford
09:10 hrs AlphaCor Outcomes  Celia Hicks
09:20 hrs Discussion   
09:30 hrs OOKP – The Singapore Experience Donald Tan
09:40 hrs Theoretical Considerations of Glaucoma Shunts in Eyes with Keith Barton
09:50 hrs Multi-center Study Results for the Boston K-Pro  Michael Belin
10:00 hrs Keralia – Early Clinical Outcome Peggy Lamar
10:10 hrs Infections and Kpro Eduardo Alfonso 
10:20 hrs Discussion   
10:30 hrs End of Symposium  

For further information pertaining to this conference, please go to:

Keratoprosthesis SIS at European Association for Vision & Eye Research (EVER) Conference, Vilamoura, Portugal

Saturday 8th October 2005

11:00-12:30 hrs

Gemini I, Marinotel Hotel, Vilamoura, Portugal

Further program and conference details can be found at

KPro SIS at EVER Conference, Portoroz, Slovenia

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Date: Saturday 4th October 2008
Location: Room – Emerald I
Time: 14:15-15:45 hrs
Special Interest Symposium (Keratoprostheses I)
Moderator: Christopher Liu
14:15-14:33 The narrowing choice of Keratoprostheses Liu C
14:33-14:51 Developing a recovery psychological model for patients undergoing KPro surgery Busuttil A, Liu C
14:51-15:09 More than 50 years experience with keratoprostheses Barraquer J
15:09-15:27 Biosynthetic corneas – an update Fagerholm P, Lagali N, Griffith M

In Memoriam – Dr Frank Polack

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On July 15 2007 Dr. Frank Polack, our colleague and friend, passed away. Frank was born and raised in Lima, Peru, and received his MD degree in 1954 from San Marcos University. After his graduation he emigrated to the United States, where he did his internship and began a residency in Neuropsychiatry at Grasslands Hospital, Valhalla, NY, a subsidiary of New York University Medical School. In 1956 he was married by proxy, his brother standing in for him, to his childhood sweetheart, Patricia Garcia, then Secretary to American Ambassador to Peru, who soon joined him in New York.


His contact with Dr. Ramon Castroviejo, the world-renowned pioneer in corneal surgery, had persuaded him to change his career choice to ophthalmology, and in 1957, he began his training at Grasslands under Dr. AG ‘‘Gerry” Devoe, then Chair at NYU, who was also a pioneer in corneal surgery. On completion of his residency in 1960, he began an NIH Fellowship under Dr George Smelser at the Eye Institute at Columbia, where he remained for 7 years, during which time he published his groundbreaking studies on electron microscopy of the eye.


Frank joined the faculty at SUNY HSCB where he formed a close personal association with Dr. Donald Willard, with whom he founded the American Ophthalmic Microsurgery Study Club in 1980. In 1967, he left New York to join Dr Herbert Kaufman at the University of Florida, where he continued his clinical and research interests in the cornea, reaching the rank of professor, as well as appointments as adjunct professor in the departments of veterinary medicine and of anatomy.


It was in May 1975 at the PAAO Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico, that Frank organized a meeting of a group of former students and associates and colleagues of Dr Ramon Castroviejo and proposed to form a society devoted exclusively to the cornea, to be called the Castroviejo Society (renamed the Cornea Society in 2002). Frank, as principal architect of the society, was elected secretary-treasurer and the first meeting was held during the 1975 AAOO meeting in Dallas, TX. In 1978, Frank founded the journal Cornea, the official journal of the society and the first peer-reviewed journal devoted to the cornea. He remained its editor in chief until 1991.


Frank was a frequent lecturer at national and international meetings and courses. Over his career, he published 180 peer reviewed papers, 5 books, and 12 book chapters on electron microscopy, immunology and corneal transplantation, external disease, and microsurgery of the eye.


In 1980, he left full-time academic medicine and entered private practice in Gainesville. Pat continued to work closely with him in his office, on the journal, and on his continuing publications until his retirement in 2001. In 2005 he was awarded the World Congress Medal, the highest honor of the World Corneal Congress V sponsored by the Cornea Society, in recognition of his many clinical and scientific contributions to the subspecialty, and in particular for his seminal role in the founding of the Castroviejo Society, and the journal Cornea.


Frank is survived by his wife of 51 years, Patricia; 3 sons, Frank E., Peter, a specialist in cornea and refractive surgery, and William; and 4 grandsons.