Program for 7th KPro Study Group Meeting

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7th KPro Study Group meeting
Portoroz, Slovenia

Saturday October 3, 2009

Title: KPro’s Today: Corneal blindness defeated in adults; Good results in Children.
Organization: GC Falcinelli, JM Parel, and D Sweeney
Honorary Presidents: E Alfonso, J Barraquer, C Dohlman
Meeting Presidents: J Aquavella, G Grabner
Scientific Committee: P Colliardo, B Duchense, G Falcinelli, M Fukuda, G Iyer, K Hille, V Perez, S Rao, J Stoiber, D Sweeney, M Taloni, A Temprano
Session 1 Chairman: C Dohlman – Moderator : K Hille and P Colliardo
8.15 Welcome G Grabner
8.20 Meeting rationale GC Falcinelli
8.25 History and the necessity for the KPro C Liu
KPro Design, Surgical Techniques and Complications
Time :
8.35 The first Keratoprosthesis implantation in 1955 FM De la Paz, J Barraquer
8.45 Boston Keratoprosthesis Type 1 and 2 C Dohlman
8.55 Boston Type 1 in pediatric patients J Aquavella
9.05 Modified OOKP GC Falcinelli, P Colliardo
9.15 Barcelona OOKP and Tibial KPro J Temprano
9.25 AlphaCor,Pintucci and Supradescemetic KPros K Hille, J Stoiber
9.35 Discussion
Session 2 Chairman: G Grabner – Moderator : CG Falcinelli and J Aquavella

Clinical Results and
11.00 How should we quantify the performance of KPro´ s?
The Visual Acuity by Time –Index (VATI)
G Grabner
11.10 The Boston Type 1 and 2. The Autoimmune Challenge J Chodosh
11.22 Boston Pediatric KPros J Aquavella
11.22            Boston I Keratoprosthesis in severe ocular surface disease J Aquavella
11.32 Long-term functional and anatomical results of OOKP and tibial OKP. Barcelona experience FM De la Paz, J Barraquer
11.42 Tibial KPro J Temprano
11.50 MOOKP G Falcinelli, P Colliardo
12.00 AlphaCor, Pintucci, Supradescemetic G Prosdocimo
12.10 Clinical decision paths in KPro Surgery G Grabner
12.20 Discussion
Session 3: Chairman: J Barraquer – Moderator: G Falcinelli and V Perez
13.45 How do get started with offering clinical service M Fukuda
13.55 Inflammatory responses to KPro: can we control them? VS Perez
14.05 The Indian Experience with MOOKP G Iyer
14.15 Retinal detachment in MOOKP P Colliardo, G Falcinelli
14.25 Dealing with Complications with MOOKP: Oculoplastic A Gomaa
14.35 Glaucoma treathment in MOOKP M Taloni, G Falcinelli
14.45 Tibial Bone KPro Technique and Longterm Results A Temprano
14.55 Discussion
Session 4: Chairman: C Liu – Moderator: M Fukuda and M Taloni
17.45 The Collagen Corneal Construct – an update P Fagerholm
17.55 Eastern European and Russian devices Z Zagorski
18.05 Glaucoma associated with KPros K Hille
18.15 Improving the optics of KPros C Hull (presented by C Liu)
18.25 The role of contact lenses in KPros J Ciolino
18.35 Does imaging help with preventing extrusion? A Gomaa
18.45 The clinical psychologist’s role-a one year look back A Busutti
18.55 Discussion


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