10th KPro Study Group Meeting, Kyoto, Japan

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KPros: Past, Present and Future

Meeting Website http://www.congre.co.jp/kpro2016/

Host: Masahiko Fukuda

Honorary President: Yoshikazu Shimomura

Program Advisor: Christopher Liu

Department of Ophthalmology, Kindai University Faculty of Medicine


Final Program (click here)


1  Trials and tribulations

History of KPros

The demise of Cardona, Choyce, Legeais and AlphaCor devices

Key note speaker: Konrad Hille

Chairs: Donald Tan, Konrad Hille

2.  Providing a service

Choosing a keratoprosthesis for your patient: To do or not to do, the role of the clinical psychologist, Setting up a KPro centre

Future prospect

Key note speaker: Christopher Liu

Chairs: Jean Marie Parel, Bernard Duchesne, Eduardo Alfonso (to be confirmed)

3. The OOKP

Rome-Vienna protocol

Variations on a theme

When there is no teeth: allograft, tibial, Pintucci and variation, Boston Type 2

Future prospect

Key note speaker: Johnny Falcinelli

Chairs: Masahiko Fukuda, Christopher Liu, Johnny Falcinelli

4. The Boston devices

Standard Boston Type 1 KPro

Skiing off piste: hostile ocular surface, dry eye, exposure Lucia and Indian variations Boston Type 2 LVP variation

Future prospect

Key note speaker: JAMES Chodosh

Chairs: Jim Chodosh, Jose de la Cruz, Shiro Amano

5.  Dealing with complications I

  • Glaucoma:

Detection of glaucoma

Medical management

Laser and Surgical management


  • surface inflammation
  • vitritis
  • RPM:
  • Lamina absorption:

Key note speaker: Donald Tan

Chairs: Soledad Cortina, Sayan Basu, Jose de la Cruz

6. Dealing with complications II


  • Lid malposition and fornix reconstruction mucous membrane alterations and overgrowth cosmesis and orbital decompression Retinal detachment:
  • VR surgery
  • Hypotony

Key note speaker: Maria de la Paz

Chairs: Maria de la Paz, Johnny Falcinelli, Bernard Duchesne

7. Case presentation and future KPros

Chairs: Hiroshi Eguchi (Kinki University), Venkat Avadhanam, Geetha lyer

8. Special lecture: Ocular Surface Reconstruction by Prof. Shigeru Kinoshita

Chair: Masahiko Fukuda

 9. Endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK vs DMEK)

Chairs: Jun Shimazaki, Satoru Yamagami

Key note speaker (DSAEK). Akira Kobayashi

Key note speaker (DMEK). Friedrich Kruse

 10. Special DMEK course by Friedrich Kruse

Chair: Christopher Liu

11. Ocular surface reconstruction

Chairs: Shigeru Kinoshita, Donald Tan

Key note speaker: Kohji Nishida

Luncheon seminar 1 (Keratoplasty, Santen) Organizer: Yoshikazu Shimomura Speakers: Shigeto Shimmura, Masahiko Fukuda

 Luncheon seminar 2 (Stevems-Johnson syndrome, Senju) Organizer: Christopher Liu, Masahiko Fukuda Speakers: James Chodosh, Tsutomu Inatomi

 Morning seminar (corneal infection, Alcon) Organizer: Yoshitsugu Inoue Speakers: Noriko Koizumi, Satoru Yamagami

Call for Abstracts for Free Papers/Posters

Submission Deadline: February 29, 2016 –Abstract Submission Form 

Presentation Types: Oral / Poster

Subject Categories:

  • Trials and tribulations
  • Providing a service
  • The OOKP
  • The Boston devices
  • Dealing with complications I
    Glaucoma, surface inflammation, vitritis, RPM, Lamina absorption
  • Dealing with complications II
  • Case presentation and future KPros
  • Endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK vs DMEK)
  • Ocular surface reconstruction

Other subjects are of course welcome.


Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosure

Authors/Presenters at the meeting (including poster session presenters) will be required to disclose any financial interests related to the presentations. Disclosure information will be required at the time of submission.

Abstracts must be submitted via E-mail by sending the Abstract Submission Form to: kpro2016@congre.co.jp

•The corresponding author will receive an email confirmation within seven days of submission.

Meeting Registration

uPre-Registration: October 30, 2015-March 22, 2016

Registration Fee: JPY30,000

*Payments can be made by credit card.

*Please ensure that you carry a printed copy of the registration confirmation email to facilitate the registration process.

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uOn-Site Registration:

Please come to the On-site registration desk and proceed to the On-site payment.

Registration Fee: JPY35,000

*Payments can be made in Cash ONLY – NO checks, NO credit card

Social Program

uGala Dinner

Date: Friday, April 22, evening time

Venue: Kyoto Hotel Okura

Fee: included in the registration fee except for accompanying persons (JPY 5,000/person)


uOptional Tour

Kyoto city tour

Date: Friday, April 22, daytime

Cost: JPY 3,000/person (Lunch included)

* Booking will close if it reaches the maximum number of 40persons


*Booking is required for each program through meeting Pre-Registration.


uCancellation and Refund Policy

Cancellation notification must be submitted in writing to the Congress Secretariat by e-mail

The deadline to receive refund requests is Tuesday, March 22, 2016.


lMeeting registration

          On/before March 22, 2016: 70% of the total amount will be refunded.

          On/after March 23, 2016: NO REFUNDS.


lGala dinner (for accompanying person)

          On/before March 22, 2016: 70% of the total amount will be refunded.

          On/after March 23, 2016: NO REFUNDS.


lOptional tour

          On/before March 22, 2016: 70% of the total amount will be refunded.

          On/after March 23, 2016: NO REFUNDS.

Refunds will be refunded to the credit card company used


Kyoto is well known for one of the most popular tourist site in Japan and spring time is also a great time to visit.  We therefore recommend early booking due to the high season in April.

Nippon Travel Agency Co., Ltd. has been appointed the official travel agent for this meeting and will handle accommodation


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Meeting Website http://www.congre.co.jp/kpro2016/