Constitution & By Laws

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KPro Study Group

Created 1990 to foster Clinical and Basic Research on Keratoprosthesis, Synthetic Cornea, and Artificial Biocorneal implants.




Article I: Name
This organization shall be called the “KPro Study Group.”


Article II: Objects
The purpose of this organization shall be the advancement of knowledge of the use of biocompatible materials in keratoprosthetic surgery.


Article III: Membership
The members shall be graduates in medicine or science of good standing who have a special interest in the field of keratoprosthesis. Membership shall be limited to 60 members.


Article IV: Officers
There shall be one officer of this organization who shall serve as secretary. He shall be elected by those present at a triennial meeting for a term of six years. He shall not be eligible for re-election. A committee consisting of the secretary, the local organizer and the prior secretary of the group shall confer when necessary.


Article V: Dues
There shall be no set dues. An attendance fee shall be established for each meeting by the secretary in consultation with a member of the country in which the meeting is to be held. The fee shall be sufficient to defray the cost of the meeting and any direct expenses incurred by the secretary during his tenure. Any balance shall be carried forward from meeting to meeting.




Article I: Meetings


Section 1.
Meeting of this organization shall be held normally every three years. The place and topics for meetings are to be decided by the membership in executive session and shall be the responsibility of the then secretary and a local member of the country, if possible, in which the meeting is to be held.


Section 2.
An executive session may be held on the first day of the triennial meeting after completion of the scientific session.


Article II: Nomination and Election of Members


Section 1.
All nominations of candidates for membership shall be presented in writing to the secretary signed by two members of the organization at least six weeks prior to the meeting and the names so presented shall be read by the secretary at executive session. New members shall be elected by a majority of those active members present at the triennial meeting at which such candidates are nominated. When nominations exceed vacancies, election shall be by preferential ballot. Each member shall be entitled to only one nomination at each triennial meeting.


Section 2.
It is desirable that at least one of the sponsors should be from the same country as the candidate and that a candidate for membership shall have attended at least one meeting prior to that at which he/she is elected.


Article III: Forfeiture of Membership


Section 1.
Any member who shall miss two consecutive triennial meetings shall be dropped from the roll except in the case of illness of the member of his/her immediate family.


Article IV: Guests


Section 1.
Guests are welcome at the meetings of this organization provided they are sponsored and accompanied by a member.


Section 2.
Each member shall be entitled to one guest at each meeting. The names of guests and sponsors shall be presented in writing to the secretary at least six months prior to each meeting.


Section 3.
A small number of guests with special technological interests, but who are ineligible for membership of the organization, may be invited by the secretary and their names shall appear in the call for the meeting at least six months prior to the meeting. These names shall be approved by the secretary, the local organizer and the prior secretary of the group. If any member presents a valid objection in writing to the committee, the invitation shall not be issued.


Section 4.
Not more than five additional participants may be invited by common consent of the secretary, local organizer and prior secretary.


Article V Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws


Section 1.
Propositions to amend the Constitution and By-Laws shall be made in writing to the secretary at least six months prior to a triennial meeting and shall appear in the printed call for such a meeting.


Section 2.
A vote of two-thirds of the members present at a triennial meeting shall be required for an alteration of the Constitution or By-Laws. Fifty per cent of the active membership shall constitute a quorum for these purposes.


Section 3.
Roberts’ rules of order shall prevail.