Past Meetings – 1992-1995

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2nd KPro Study Group Meeting, Rome, Italy


June 20-23, 1995
Pontifica Universitas Urbaniana
Rome, Italy


Meeting Executive President: Giancarlo Falcinelli

“Presentations at the 2nd KPro Study Group Meeting :”
Proceedings may be found in An Inst Barraquer 1999, Vol. 28S


Jean-Marie Parel; Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, USA


Keratoprosthesis Study Group
MJ Roper-Hall; Royal College of Surgeons, London


200 Years of KPro: Pellier de Quengsy and Artificial Cornea
Jean-Marie Parel; Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, USA


Session I: Clinical Reports I
(Why do you prefer your current technique?)
Chair and Moderator: E Lacombe, R Brancato, MJ Roper-Hall

The biological properties of OOKP
M Caselli, A D’Alberto, M Vergari, M Nebbioso, and P Colliardo; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Personal changes and innovations in Strampelli’s OOKP
GC Falcinelli, G Barogi, M Caselli, P Colliardo, and M Taloni; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Clinical experience with the Dohlman KPros
EC Alfonso; Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, USA


The Pintucci’s Dacron KPros: How we Improved the technique of implanting the KP in dry eyes with sufficient tear secretion
S Pintucci, F Pintucci, M Cecconi, and S Caiazza; Department of Ultrastructures, Instituto Superior di Sanità,  Italy


A second generation of biointegrable Keratoprosthesis
J-M Legeais, G Renard, and Y Pouliquen; INSERM U86, Hôtel-Dieu de Paris, France


Session II: Clinical Reports
(Why do you prefer your technique?)
Chair and Moderator: R D’Amico, G Carella, C Dohlman


KPros in Scandinavia, current trends
PG Söderberg, O Sletteberg, G Hovding, and T Bertelsen; St. Eriks’ Eye Hospital, Sweden


Penetrating keratoplasty with corneal prosthesis complex
SN Fyodorov, ZI Moroz, YY Kalinnikov, EV Kovshun, SA Borzenok, OS Volkova, and OP Miyovich; IRTC “Eye Microsurgery”, Russia


Session III: Clinical Reports III
(Complications of your technique)
Chair and Moderator: S Yakimenko, R Tittarelli, G Renard


The microbial flora in patients with a KPro
LA Palma, D Miller, and E Alfonso; Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, USA


Complications of Falcinelli’s OOKPs
E Corazza, V Petitti, A D’Alberto, P Filadoro, and P Colliardo; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


The Pintucci’s Dacron tissue KPro: SEM aspects of infection related failures in transcutaneous implants in dry eyes
S Pintucci, F Pintucci, M Cecconi, and S Caiazza; Department of Ultrastructures, Instituto Superior di Sanità, Italy


Glaucoma surgery before and after OOKP
G Barogi, E Corazza, V Petitti, I Micozzi, and M Vergari; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Session IV: Clinical Reports
(Complications of your technique)
Chairs and Moderator: C Dohlman, E Balestrazzi, J Temprano


Rejection of OOKP for Necrosis of Dental Support: Treatment within Short and Long periods.
F Lanetti; OOKP Center, Casa di Cura Villa Benedetta, Italy


Replacement in the osteodental acrylic lamina (ODAL)
V Marchi, S Marchi, A Gualano, and R Ricci; Villa Tiberia Hospital, Italy


OOKP and cataract surgery
V Marchi, A Gualano, S Marchi, and G Zumbo; Villa Tiberia Hospital, Italy


Vitreoretinal surgery for retinal detachment in eyes with Lacombe KPros
C Boscher; Centre Ophtalmologique du Landy, France


Session V: Clinical Reports V
(Long-term Results-Survival-Postop Care, Revisions)
Chairs and Moderator: J Worst, G Rama, I Singh


Independent survey of long term results of Falcinelli’s OOKP
C Liu and S Pagliarini; Corneal and External Disease Service, West Norwich Hospital, England


Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis. A 30 years retrospective study.
J Alvarez de Toledo, RI Barraquer, J Temprano, H Carreras, E Torres, and J Barraquer; Centro de Oftalmologia Barraquer, Spain


Penetrating Keratoprosthesis “Meshwork”.
SN Fyodorov, ZI Moroz, CS Volkova, YY Kalinnikov, and EV Kovshun; IRTC “Eye Microsurgery”, Russia


Experience with a KPro
CH Dohlman, PA Netland, and WC Fung; Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, USA


The Pintucci’s Dacron tissue KP: Long-term results, postop care, and revisions in dry eyes and in eyes with tear secretion.
S Pintucci, F Pintucci, M Cecconi, and A Caiazza; Instituto Superior di Sanità, Italy


Falcinelli’s OOKPs: Long-term results.
M Caselli, P Colliardo, G Falcinelli, and M Nebbioso; Ophthalmic division, San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Keratoprosthesis with retrocorneal fixation. Results of 60 Cases with up to 6 years follow up.
E Lacombe; France


Session VI: Clinical Reports VI
(How can your technique be improved?)
Chairs and Moderator: P Choyce, L Cerulli, D Caldwell


Alternative covering tissues in OOKP
GC Falcinelli, G Barogi, R Cutruzzola, P Filaforo, and C Pinna; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


KPros of methylmethacrylate and periosteum
GM Cremona; Cremona Ophthalmological Center, Argentina


Selection of the Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis tooth element: The jaws computer tomography system with denta scan software.
G Serra, M Monaco, F D’Ambrioso, G Pietraville, and M Vergari; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


ArF Photoablation of keratoprostheses.
P Rol, Chr Huber, F Manns, and J-M Parel; University of Zurich, Switzerland


Session VII: Clinical Reports VII
(Assessment of KPro patients)
Chairs and Moderator: Y Pouliquen, B Boles Carenini, E Alfonso


Assessment of Central Vision Function in Patients with Osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis
M Taloni, B Falsini, M Caselli, I Micozzi, M Piccardi, and GC Falcinelli; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Functional outcome after OOKP
G Petrachi, S Marchi, G Zumbo, and L Lisi; Catholic University of Rome, Italy


Echography in OOKPs.
P Colliardo, T Avitabile, E Buratto, P Filadoro, and G Serra; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Electro-physiological and psycho-physical assessment of visual function in patients with Falcinelli’s OOKP.
B Falsini, M Taloni, M Piccardi, P Valenini, GC Falcinelli, and G Falcinelli; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Scanning laser Ophthalmoscope in OOKP.
M Varano, M Taloni, A Coppi, I Micozzi, and M Terrana; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Computerized tomography study of the osteo-odonto-acrylic lamina.
M. Taloni, T. Manni, I. Micozzi, G. Serra, and P. Filadoro; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Session VIII: Scientific Reports I
(Future, Novel, and Scientific Perspectives)
Chairs and Moderator: G Crawford, L Scullica, T Chirila


Extensions of indications for OOKPs.
GC Falcinelli, M Taloni, E Corazza, E Burato, and G Falcinelli; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Coralline hydroxyapatite KPro.
CR Leon, JI Barraquer Jr., and JI Barraquer; Instituto Barraquer de America, Colombia


The properties of the ideal Keratoprosthesis.
C Liu and B Tighe; Sussex Eye Hospital, England


Session IX: Scientific Reports II
(Basic, Applied, and Clinical Research)
Chairs and Moderator: J-M Legeais, ML Restivo, H Kain


Improved Optics for OOKP.
L Lupelli, RJ Fletcher, P Palumbo, A Menghi, M Taloni, and M Caselli; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


The Pintucci Dacron tissue KPro: Histological and ultrastructural aspects of the biointegration of the supporting element.
S Pintucci, F Pintucci, M Cecconi, and S Caiazza; Instituto Superior di Sanità, Italy


Histological findings in OOKPs.
I Pecorella, M Taloni, M Caselli, A Ciardi, RA Alaxander, U Di Tondo, and G Falcinelli; San Camillo Hospital, Italy


Extracellular matrix synthesized within an ePTFE corneal implant.
I Dubraix, J-M Legeais, M Savoldelli, G Renard, and Y Pouliquen; Hôtel-Dieu Hospital, France


Incorporation of a fluorocarbon polymer implanted at the posterior face of the rabbit cornea.
G Renard, B Cetinel, J-M Legais, M Savoldelli, J Durand, Y Pouliquen; Hôpital de l’Hôtel-Dieu, France


Evaluation of collagen corneal allografts in rabbits: Enhancement of epithelialization.
DP DeVore, D Skelnik, and EQ Kornmehl; Boston Eye and Ear Surgeons, USA


Artificial corneas for the Third World? The best efforts for the worst case: The first clinical trials of low cost “Champagne Cork” KPros.
MV Van Andel, J Worst, and I Singh; Academic Hospital Groningen, The Netherlands


Epiloque to the Second Meeting of the KPro Study Group
Y Pouliquen; Department of Ophthalmology, Hôpital de l’Hôtel-Dieu, France


Toward a complication-free KPro: KPro advancement since 1995
K Brenman, J-M Parel; Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, USA